LIBERATED!!!! ARE WE??                      By: Alaknanda Bose

As the lady sweeps your dirty floor, As the one who wipes her field sweat, As the one who is beaten by her husband, As the one who is harassed for her girl child, How is the woman liberated in true sense!!! Remember the girl washing the dishes, To fulfill her brother’s dream in school, Remember the woman loading bricks on head, To feed her wailing and waiting child,… How is the woman truly liberated!!!! As the fair and lovely rules over mind, As the woman steps in another woman’s house, As she comprises her identity with the seven steps, As she waits for her equality of freedom, How is the woman liberated in true sense! Remember the Nirbhaya Delhi gang rape, The culprits yet to be hanged, And again the fate strikes on a poor girl, When time traps her in the unfortunate fate, How is she truly liberated!!! Is every woman in every corner educated???? Yet we enjoy a Happy Woman’s day!!!! Is every woman medically aware and insured, Yet the celebrations are fully assured!!!!! With a glass of wine and mind class apart, The class seems blinded from the masses!’ I believe the Heaven is not far away… But there are still miles to walk that way!!!!!!


There is wisp of satisfaction and contentment as ones moves ahead to reach the rims of dreams and passions as its soul searching process. Money can’t buy happiness but it can definitely motivate you to catch the route of your dreams.
Moments without a mission or passion is nothing less than dead. The magic lies in living the moments with new ideas and the inspiration. The inspirations which brings colours and glow to dreams woven with a smile and glint in the eyes. We are born with a plan of our lives and it’s the journey of life which unfolds the mystery of the destination we have to reach. Sometimes it’s the search of Sherlock Homes of the mysteries to be solved and find the game plan set for us. The journey can smooth as the way to Mars or as bumpy as the potholes in our city but with the birth – The Journey has Begun. In fact the in the mother’s womb the journey is designed and destined and executed. The way is paved to achieve our dreams and goals and win hearts and souls. Is the journey itself the final destination – who cares When We are Born to Live a Beautiful Life